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Curso de ingles em Londres

"Tem a melhor relação custo-qualidade do que qualquer escola de Inglês em Londres  "

Discount's purpose is to allow you to select the English school in London that best suits your needs.

You can evaluate a number of English schools in accordance with the teaching method each of them use (traditional, direct method, Kaplan method, eclectic, etc.), their location, the prices requested or the type of courses they offer. Read, compare the offers and then select the one that suits you. You will then get a discount of between 5% to 10% along with an English mobile SIM card for free! If you already know where you want to go to study English in London, write to us and tell us which school you have selected (ex: Stafford, Mayfair, ABC School, etc.) and let us know your phone number so we can call you back with a quote for that school.


Studying English is not a must, but it's a pleasure that will offer you huge benefits. English gives you access to a great amount of knowledge, experiences, places, people and stories that will enrich your life, let you see things from different perspectives and make you a better person. The objective of the English courses offered by is to improve the knowledge of English of every participant and at the same time enable her/him to live a fuller and more pleasurable life that will be remembered with nostalgia. As everybody knows, a language is best learned in the country where it is spoken, as opposed to in our own country. You certainly can work hard at home, but studying in Italy won’t be as effective, nor as exciting, as studying it while living in London or anywhere else in England!

We offer only schools that are acknowledged by the British Council, because only these schools can guarantee a high standard of quality and at the same time bestow valid certifications for work and/or university. 

On our website you will also find information about:

- examinations (PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS), costs and dates when the examinations will be held;

- types of courses that can be attended (general English in groups, One-To-One lessons, conversational lessons, business, courses in preparation for examinations, etc.);

- teaching methods (direct method, traditional method, Shenker method, humanistic method, etc.);

- what it means for a school to be acknowledged by the British Council;

- which social programs are offered by the schools;

- how to be ready to start living your adventure in London.


In these pages you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions which we have received over the years; questions you are interested in, such as:

When can I start the English course? Usually every Monday.

How much in advance must I book my course? At least a week before your departure, but 2 weeks is preferable and in peak season it is best to book at least 1 month ahead.

What will happen if I cancel my booked course? Will I get a refund? The reimbursement of the paid amount depends on the policy of the individual school. As a rule, you will only lose the amount that you paid in advance to confirm the booking. 

Can I postpone my course? Usually yes, but rescheduling has to be done at least a month in advance. It continues here below...

What nationalities and ages are the school’s students? The students come from all over the world. The minimum age to participate in a course by oneself is 16 years, otherwise the student would need to be accompanied by an adult.

How many students per class? From 12 to 14 students.

Is it possible to book the accommodation as well, and how much would that cost? The schools will provide accommodation in apartment complexes, with local families and at times in rooms for rent in apartments to be shared (“flat share”). If accommodation is needed in London, that must also be specified in the form used to collect information. It is possible to book the course only, the accommodation only or both. Accommodations do not have to be combined with the courses and they are not located inside the school. Prices vary based upon the selected choice and will be no less than 90 pounds per week for a double room to be shared in an apartment for students, or no less than 130 pounds for a single occupancy room. Accommodation with a family, in a single room, costs 160-180 pounds per week. Read more about renting in London.